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Software Developer



Software developer with 10 years of experience, as a freelancer, technical lead, and architect. Experience in full stack web development, DevOps, software factory automation, and application security. Also book author, open source maintainer, conference speaker, and trainer for web developers.


Web Development Trainer
4 months (January 2020 - May 2020)
DuBreuil Consulting (
Paris, France

Trainer on web languages and technologies for full stack web developers (see recorded classes).

Technologies: Java, JavaScript, Spring Boot, Angular, UML, TDD

Generative Music Composer
6 months (July 2019 - December 2019)
DuBreuil Consulting (DreamBank)
Paris, France

Composer of generative music, for the DreamBank art exhibit of Claire Malrieux, using machine learning and Magenta (see technical content).

Technologies: Python, Magenta, Tensorflow, Ableton Live, Machine Learning, Generative Music

Security Consultant
3 months (April 2019 - June 2019)
DuBreuil Consulting (LesFurets)
Paris, France

Security architecture on secrets management with Hashicorp Vault for passwords (see technical content).

Technologies: Java, Bash, Ansible, Hashicorp Vault

Software Architect
2.5 years (June 2016 - October 2018)
Paris, France

Inline - Logo

Software architect on a 500,000 lines web application, working on full stack refactoring, domain driven design, infrastructure automation, software factory, continuous delivery and devops tooling.

Technologies: Java, Docker, Ansible, Hashicorp Vault

Culture: Domain Driven Design, DevOps, TDD

Technical Lead
2.5 years (January 2014 - June 2016)
Paris, France

Inline - Logo

Technical leader of an Agile team of 5 developers responsible for the 60 web services communicating with the insurers, providing agile management, mentoring, architecture design, software development and software craftsmanship.

Technologies: Java, Maven, Jenkins, REST, WSDL

Culture: Kanban, Visual management, Daily stand-ups, One-on-One

Java EE Consultant
3.5 years (January 2010 - August 2013)
CGI France
Paris, France

Inline - Logo CGI France

Java EE consultant on a large scale front office and back office Java application in the energy business (3,000,000 lines of code). Development, testing, delivery, training and documentation.

Technologies: Java EE, JSP, Maven, SQL, JavaScript, jQuery, jQPlot

Publications & Conferences

Hands-On Music Generation with Magenta

Book published on Packt Publishing. Explore the role of deep learning in music generation and assisted music composition.

Tags: Python, Magenta, Tensorflow, Machine Learning, Generative Music, Ableton Live

Music Generation with Magenta: Using Machine Learning in Arts

Conference on leveraging machine learning technologies for music generation using Magenta.

Conferences: Devoxx Belgium 2019, IRCAM Paris 2020

Tags: Python, Magenta, Tensorflow, Machine Learning, Generative Music, Ableton Live

Hashicorp Vault and Continuous Delivery

Conference on securing your application secrets with infrastructure automation, continuous delivery and Hashicorp Vault.

Conferences: Devoxx UK 2020, Devoxx France 2019, JUG Nantes 2019

Tags: Hashicorp Vault, Continuous Delivery, DevOps

Domain Object Oriented Validation (dOOv)

Conference on dOOv, a fluent API for type-safe domain model validation and mapping (see Project – Domain Object Oriented Validation).

Conferences: JDK IO Copenhagen 2018, Snowcamp 2018, Softshake Geneva 2017

Tags: dOOv, Java, Domain Driven Design

Apache Spark for Java Developers

Conference on using Apache Spark with Java.

Conferences: Softshake Geneva 2017, Devoxx Krakow 2017, Breizhcamp Rennes 2017, Snowcamp Grenoble 2017

Tags: Java, Apache Spark, Big Data

Continuous Merge with git-octopus

Conference on shipping code to production everyday in a feature branching environment with git-octopus.

Conferences: Open RDay Paris 2017, JUG Marseille 2016, JUG Tours 2016, AgileTour Rennes 2014

Tags: git, DevOps, Continuous delivery


Intellij Save Action Plugin (★382)
5 years (January 2015 - today)

Creator and maintainer of an Intellij plugin that adds save actions to the IDE. Five stars rating on the JetBrains plugin website and 75,000 unique downloads per version.

Tags: Java, Intellij

Domain Object Oriented Validation (dOOv) (★50)
2 years (September 2017 - September 2019)

Creator, maintainer and evangelist on dOOv, a fluent API for type-safe bean validation and mapping.

Tags: Java, Domain Driven Design

Project git-octopus (★193)
3.5 years (November 2014 - June 2017)

Evangelist and commiter on git-octopus, a tool enabling the continuous merge workflow.

Tags: git


Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris VI)
4 months (September 2009 - January 2010)
Paris, France

International exchange student from University of Montreal.

University of Montreal
4 years (September 2007 - January 2011)
Montreal, Quebec

Program with 1 semester of international exchange and 3 internships of 4 months

Jean-de-Brebeuf College
2 years (September 2005 - June 2007)
Montreal, Quebec


Big music geek, listen at, also