Resume - PDF version

Resume Alexandre DuBreuil - PDF version

Resume - HTML vesion

Resume Alexandre DuBreuil - Web version



Source Code

Using pandoc to generate a web version and a latex version from a common source file.

Installation instruction

You’ll need pandoc, texlive-full (you might be able to use a smaller latex packaging) and pdftoppm to convert to png for the thumbnail.

sudo apt install pandoc texlive-full pdftoppm


# Buils the files in the "build" folder, for the pdf,
# png preview and md files
make markdown

# Copies the files from the "build" folder to the target folders,
# to the "pdf" and "web" folders
make install


The file resume.yml contains the resume content in yaml which is used by pandoc to replace the values in for the web version and resume.tex for the latex version. The latex version has it’s style sheet resume.sty to split formatting from structure.

There’s a preprocessor script vars2yaml that replaces $command{stuff} content with proper content enabling language agnostic formatting. For example $strong{stuff} gets replaced by **stuff** in markdown and \textbf{stuff} in latex.