Top 10 most mixed tracks of 2018


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This year marks a turn in my DJ set since I stopped mixing techno altogether and decided to mix only tekno for a while (mainly tribal tekno). I discovered a lot of crazy tracks, rediscovering old releases from artist I know very well like Keja to new genres for me like Ely Muff from Kaotek.

The bpm of each track is in parenthesis, then it reads: “Artist - Album - Track”. Some parts are truncated to 25 chars (so some track names are not complete) because of the way I classify my tracks. See the discogs link if you want the full name.


(140) Violent Cases R - Violent Cases 0 - Interstellar Ov

Van Der Wiese - Violent Cases 006 / Another very nice release from Violent Cases (lots of very good hardcore records from that label), it is one of my favorite acid core / dark core / slow core track.

(150) Keja Kan10 - Acid Dfonce

Various - MackiTek Hors Serie 08 / This is my go to first track for a set, or to transition from techno to tekno, it slowly builds up momentum to a really nice and punchy acid track. Keja and Kan10 (a couple, they are Mackitek Records’ owner) are my favorite tribal tekno artists, with releases that won’t please everybody but sure pleases me.

(150) Mr. Gasmask - Wrong Crowd

Various - MackiTek Hors Serie 03 / I’m really not a big fan of acid tracks in general and I don’t especially like Mr. Gasmask, but I can say he’s really good in the genre. This track is amazing with a fun rhythmic, nice vocals, great texture.

(153) Genecom - Polyphonic Raid

Various - CyberTrance / I’ve found this old gem in Fabriclive 100 (see my Top 10 albums of 2018). Most of the tracks in this album are impossible to find but I could find that one. Very nice melodic synth all around.

(159) Kindaaz - 3672 22 - B1

Various - 3672 1 22 / I really like the bass sound in this track, it has a rock vibe and I like it.

(160) IMAO - Untitled - Paradoxical Jub

Various - Untitled / An older track of 1998 with an amazing rhythmic and good ambiance: this is all a good old school tribal track should be.

(160) Ling Ling - FTSK03 - Untitled

Ling Ling (3), FKY - FTSK03 / One of my favorite track from Ling Ling (excellent artist), the synth at the middle of the track is really nice.

(162) Mechoz - DCT 11 - Schizox

Various - DCT 11 / I’d like to call that track “pumping tribe” but I don’t know if that exists.

(164) Marc Acardipane - Dont You Mess - Pitch-Hiker

Various - Don’t Mess With Cupid, ‘Cause Cupid Ain’t Stupid / Another crazy release from трип (pronounced “trip”, it is the label of the amazing Nina Kravitz), they asked Marc Acardipane (he has 50 known aliases on discogs) the hardcore legend to produce a track for that release and it is really good. I’m pretty sure the track is a ripoff of Heisa - Zillion Mad Kicks but I’ll let you be the judge.

(165) Metrik Teknomad - Old Skull Vol 1 - Hospitaliene

Various - Old Skull 14 / Another pure tribal track with a double kick rhythmic from the “Old Skull” series. If you have to somewhere to start with tribal tekno, start with that label.

(168) eMeL, Buck - Universal Laws - Universal Laws

eMeL/ Buck (13) - Universal Laws / Nice track from eMel as always, really like the melody.

(169) Keja - 3672 12 - A2

Keja / Kan10 - 3672 1 121212 / A really weird and short track, it is one of my favorite track of 2018. It goes in all my sets. Pure tribal: reverberated kick with weird mental sounds.

(169) Little Guy - Nazdar Bazar 07 - Brainstorm

Insane Teknology, FKY, Spud, Little Guy - Nazdar Bazar 07 / The middle of that track is a masterpiece. It gets me big surprise every time I mix it. Nazdar Bazar is a good series if you like the tribe core genre.

(169) Shmirlap Oblyk - Shmirlap - Pate

Various - Oblyk Dfroke 15 years / This track releases the demons.

(170) SAGSAG23 - Reaction Active

Sagsag23 - Cosmologique / I mix a lot of Sagsag23. Pretty much everything he does is good (he’s on most of the Old Skull releases). This is classic old school tribal tekno.

(174) Hesed - Trinacria 06 - Until Dawn

Various - Symmetry EP / Who said tribal tekno and disco didn’t like each other?

(175) Keja - MackiTek Record - B2

Keja / Kan10 - Mackitek Records 21 / My favorite track of 2018 (it is older than that, it might be my favorite track ever). There is something about it that makes me so happy. Recording of tribal chants, with tribal techno on top? Really?? Also reminds me of the amazing mix of Manu at Quai Branly in 2017.

(175) iZi-dSP - Laboratory - Bmx

iZi dSP - Laboratory / Also one of my favorite tribal tekno track. The ambiance here is amazing. Go buy every single release of iZi-dSP now, I consider him the champagne of tribal tekno.

(185) Kan10 - 3672 1 08

Various - 3672 1 080808 / An enormous closing track. It builds up momentum on a really nice ambiance and finishes on an epic acid banger.

(198) Ely Muff - Kaotek 04 Digit - The Unfortunate

Various - Kaotek 04 / I’m really happy I’ve discoved this label in 2018. They do a weird style that sits between hardcore, breakcore and dnb. I love that. Certainly not for the faint hearted, that track is really well composed and represents well the label.