Deploying your application secrets: Hashicorp Vault and continuous delivery

2019/03/01 - Everybody has secrets: people, machines and web applications. Pretty much any application needs to access external or protected resources: databases, web services, secure tunnels, etc. Today we’ll look into securing the resources that gives access to those external systems: application secrets.

Top 10 most mixed tracks of 2018

2018/12/31 - This year marks a turn in my DJ set since I stopped mixing techno altogether and decided to mix only tekno for a while (mainly tribal tekno). I discovered a lot of crazy tracks, rediscovering old releases from artist I know very well like Keja to new genres for me like Ely Muff from Kaotek.

Top 10 albums of 2018

2018/12/29 - This year has been rich in discovery of new sounds. From the alien sounding latest Clark EP to downright creepy Herndon’s Godmother, it has been a strange year in music production (and also in pretty much everything else).

dOOv revisits Bean Validation benchmark

2018/01/15 - The dOOv library (Domain Object Oriented Validation) takes a different approach to domain model validation than popular validation libraries. It doesn’t implement the Bean Validation specification, but we thought it would be interesting to compare the performance of the different paradigms.